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A few years ago when the crisis was hitting many families hard. Today, more than ever, it is essential to study English to complete general knowledge and, in the case of adults, as an essential element to qualify for a job. The cost of the books and materials should not be an obstacle to achieving the objective of learning the language and speaking it fluently.

For this reason, Stanley Publishing has launched a scholarship program of textbooks, which is added to the existing ones in order to encourage students who use our methods. This includes all kinds of supplementary material throughout the course as they are, school magazines of different levels, readings, gift check, participation in the videos competition, special reduced prices on all our catalogs, etc…

Used books
Scholarships accepted

Who is it for?

Students designated by their teachers, as people in need and applicants for this assistance.

Where are the books sent?

To the address of the college or Official School of Languages, to the attention of the faculty applicant.

Who handles the scholarship?

The teacher responsible for the group. Just send us a written request for one or more scholarships (depending on the size of the group), clearly indicating the textbook that you will use during the course.

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