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Traveller B1+

In general, this work with the method, among other things because it allows me to enter and collate complementary activities of other methods, internet, etc. and after them I find it easy to pick up the book itself, which is sometimes complicated by other methods whose units do not follow a structure as still as Traveller.

Strong points

  • Cover page: very useful for placing the student in the Module.
  • Interesting and topical issues.
  • At the level of the book very suitable for EOI.
  • The Teacher’s book is very practical: the teacher sheets after each student sheet. This was one of the things that encouraged me to adopt Traveller. I find it very uncomfortable having to carry the two books continuously (the student’s and the Teacher’s).
  • Adequate number of readings and listening activities.
  • Good use of the Writings and Appendix 1 very useful and clear to students.
  • Clear and simple explanations (sometimes maybe they should go into a bit more depth) of grammar and vocabulary.
  • The book in digital format (Interactive Whiteboard material) for projecting on the screen is very easy to use. I really like that you do not need to use the zoom, but as soon as you open it you see the same book written on the screen. I also like very much the quickness of the answers to the exercises, etc.
Head of Studies EOI Quart de Poblet and English teacher

The book works well in the communicative part – especially writing because it introduces the task with a speaking exercise. I also liked the readers and oral understandings that cover almost all the items on the agenda. I find it somewhat ambitious in the vocabulary although this is positive for the good students. Greetings.


This is what I liked from Pioneer B2 and C1, especially for the students who are going to perform EOI certification examinations or Cambridge exams:

  • READING AND LISTENING: reading and listening types of exercises are similar to those of the evidence type  mentioned above.
  • In the projectable e-book it seems to me very useful that the students, in addition to viewing the correct answer, can see the transcript with the part with the answer highlighted, at the same time returning to hearing or reading the fragment where the answer is found.
  • WRITING: good writing section with guide exercises, advice and models of appropriate texts for all of EOI and Cambridge tests.
  • SPEAKING: it is very useful that students can see suggestions for how to solve the speaking exercises. In the suggestions, the transcripts include various grammatical and lexical structures studied; students move up the level of their oral presentations by studying the examples. It is the only book that I have seen that offers this material.
  • VIDEOS: interesting to have them  perform from time to time a different listening activity with exercises of various skills.
EOI Castellón

I’ve been using levels A1, A2 and B2. On the whole, I’d say I’m extremely happy with this series of books, not least because they give students ample opportunities to practice the grammatical structures and vocabulary of each unit at home. The presentation of phrasal verbs at level B2 is particularly successful, many students telling me how useful it’s been for them. One final point: the book is excellent value for money.


My view of your book is thoroughly positive. Its strong points include numerous reading passages at a higher level than we’re accustomed to in works of this kind and a great variety of exercises. The fact that it forms part of a series makes it particularly suitable for use as a course book. I also greatly appreciated the ease of communication with the authors and their openness to suggestions.


The course contains carefully-chosen topics which appeal to the students at each level, holding their interest and motivation to learn English. I liked all the references to different links and pages on the Internet, I think using the Internet’s resources and the new technologies should become part of teaching English.


This is a very complete English course. Not only does it cover all the grammar points according to the Common European Framework at each level, but it is full of interesting texts and fun-to-do exercises. The grammar is laid out clearly in “Language Focus” and “Remember” windows throughout each book, which makes studying easier, and there is a useful Grammar and Pronunciation Reference at the back. There is also a fun story to follow throughout each book which students will love.


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